Located at Novotel Sydney in Darling Harbour, The Ternary brings an innovative concept of dining with a trio of distinct yet integrated dining experiences in a stylish venue. With high ceilings, wall length windows, and a sweeping view of the city skyline, The Ternary makes the perfect place for any celebration (hint: Mother’s Day this month!), or even just to view the Saturday night Darling Harbour fireworks.

The Ternary sells itself on bringing a new style of drinking and dining to Sydney’s scene, where they fuse three unique styles of dining; The Grill Kitchen, The Asian Kitchen and The Wine Bar into one unique drinking and dining experience. For those lucky enough to get seated at the counter, they can enjoy interaction with the chef!

Food-wise, The Ternary demonstrates their versatility with cuisines. Thanks to the three different kitchens, Chef Anthony Flowers has created a menu spanning from modern Australian classics to Asian inspired curries and street-style snacks - perfect for all tastes. The menu features items perfect for solo dining, but include dishes perfect for sharing by large groups. Featuring Asian inspired flavours, the grill menu ensures that all guests dining at the restaurant are able to choose something they will enjoy.  On top of this, The Ternary has an Enomatic system, which enables guests to choose from nearly 100 wines by the glass or bottle.

Yummy Times’ Recommended Dishes

Betel leafs of smoked salmon with salmon pearls and fried shallots

This entrée is a great way to start a degustation. Simple and light, the salmon is just the right level of smokiness. The dish is finished off with salmon pearls and fried shallots for a nice and crunchy texture.

 Linguini pasta with shitake mushrooms, chilli, wild rocket and brioche crumbs

A stand out vegetarian dish, this pasta is flawless in concept with delicate flavours. The sauce is light and balanced – a great twist on a classic Italian dish.

Pulled peppered beef in crispy pastry and water chestnut
One of The Ternary’s signature dishes, the meat undergoes a long preparation process before it is read for the table. The pulled beef just falls apart and the crisp water chestnuts add a unique texture, perfectly rounded out with a light and crisp pastry.


The Ternary
Novotel Sydney On Darling Harbour
100 Murray Street, Pyrmont NSW 2009
Ph: (02) 9934 0000