Where else in Australia can you get views like you do at Circular Quay on a perfect Winter’s day? Circular Quay is one of Sydney's most popular areas and is full of amazing places to dine, but the standout is definitely Opera Bar. 

Opera Bar boasts views of Sydney's most notorious icons of the Harbour. Best known for their cocktails and mouth-watering tapas-like food, what better way than sitting back, chilling out with friends and enjoying a beverage of your choice.

Fittingly located in an area of the Sydney Opera House, Opera Bar shows off Sydney at its best and most obvious. Offering scenery that is second to none with a stunning view of the Harbour Bridge and close up of the Opera house, Opera Bar is the perfect location for after work drinks, an intimate catch-up with an old friend or even pre drinks for a night out on the city. Not only do you have the up close and personal views of Sydney Opera House you also have one of the best views of Sydney Harbour Bridge.

The layout of the bar allows for an uninterrupted and sweeping view of the harbour. It is this panoramic view of Sydney that has Opera Bar constantly packed, fitting up to 700 people in on its busiest days.

The recent renovation led to a fresh new look for Opera Bar. Concept bars, an all-day menu designed by Matt Moran, Australian produce and a café that serves breakfast everyday, accommodates for a wide range of diners, occasions and times of day. The seafood bar offers a menu ‘prepared to order’, and the charcuterie bar specialises in delicious quality meats and cheeses that are similarly made upon request – two very enticing new additions to an already thriving restaurant. They’ve also introduced an amazing new cocktail menu and a range of Australian craft beers and regional wines well worth mentioning.

Opera Bar is highly recommended for everyone, not just visitors and tourists, as it is by far one of the best bars in town with iconic views and sure to be a memorable experience you won't forget. The ambience is outstanding, complemented by the seating arrangements with plenty of room both outside and undercover.

We recommend going to Opera Bar before the sun sets ensuring front row seats and breathtaking views of the multi-coloured Australian sunset.

Yummy Times’ Recommended Dishes

For BREAKFAST: Eggs on sourdough, poached or fried, bacon, tomato

With eggs cooked to perfection, this is an awesome start to the day. An interesting note, Opera Bar only serves their eggs fried, poached or baked – so no need to worry about plain old scrambled eggs!

For SHARING: Opera Bar Tasting Platter (for two)

The Opera Bar tasting platter for two can easily take home the centrepiece award. At $48, it’s the “dish” that keeps on giving with respect to variety.

For DESSERT: Pavlova with Lemon Curd and Blood Plum

Elegant, yet pure and simple – this classic Australian dessert is exactly how a pavlova should be. With its crunchy outer shell that breaks into delicious dust after a few bites, and a fluffy marshmallow-like interior, the lemon curd and blood plum combination makes this dessert a star winner.

Best of all, Yummy Times is delighted that Opera Bar changes their menu every 6 months. This means that the dishes are always seasonal with fresh ingredients and you’ll get to try different flavours every time!

Opera Bar
Lower Concourse Level
Sydney Opera House
Sydney NSW 2000

Ph: (02) 9247 1666

Open from 11:30am weekdays, 9:00am weekends.