Hurricane's Bar and Grill

If there is any place to be recommended for ribs, it has to be Hurricane's Grill. The constant queues outside all of Hurricane’s outlets in Sydney are a testament to the addictive quality of their signature dish – gloriously marinated ribs.

Hurricane’s Bar & Grill are renowned for their huge ribs and mouth-watering steaks. With 5 branches across Sydney, these are restaurants that don’t let fancy fittings distract from the main attraction – their superb food. The décor’s biggest features are shiny stone tabletops, dark plastic chairs along with dark shades on the walls and floors.

The atmosphere has a certain café or bistro feel enhanced by the indoor/outdoor seating options. 

With the original Hurricane’s Grill and Bar at Bondi Beach proving to be a success, diners at the second restaurant in Darling Harbour are gifted with a great view over the waters. The sweeping panoramic views of the waterfront are visible through the restaurant’s clear glass windows, making the most of Hurricane’s prime location in the Harbourside Shopping Centre.

Service is excellent, starting with the complimentary bibs offered to diners upon seating, tied for you buy attentive wait staff. When it comes to ribs, it can get pretty tiring trying to remain dainty and avoid eating with your hands, but Hurricane’s gives you bibs for a reason and it’s a lot easier to throw your dignity away and just attack the ribs caveman style. Extra bowls are also considerately provided for the mountainous pile of bones that will inevitably remain at the end of the meal.

Despite their specialties lying in ribs and meat, Hurricane’s seafood entrees are of equally high standards and provide a good balance to all the meat one tends to end up devouring in the main course.

As a popular dinner destination there can sometimes be queues out the door on a weekend so best to book in advance.

A meaty meal at Hurricane’s is sure to have every father delighted and satisfied. A tip for Father’s Day, book an outside table on a Saturday night as Darling Harbour lights up with fireworks at 9pm most weekends and the restaurant has one of the best views in town.

Hurricane’s restaurants can be found in Bondi, Darling Harbour, Ryde, Brighton Le Sands, and Surfers Paradise so you’re covered no matter where you are.

Yummy Times’ Recommended Dishes

Ribs with Baked Potato OR Chips

As Hurricane’s most famous dish, it is no wonder that it is cooked to perfection. With tender meat that falls right off the bone and has been superbly marinated in their mouth-watering South African barbecue sauce to make each bite incredibly moreish. There is a choice of beef, pork or lamb – and the pork ribs are a standout winner. 

Nutritional Notes:  What a high protein dish, but it may be high in fat and sodium too. So, do not forget to trim off the fatty part from the ribs especially if you need to watch your cholesterol and triglyceride levels (the two main types of lipids in blood vessels).  Choosing baked potato instead of deep fried oily chips will also help to reduce more than half of the energy and fat intake. You can definitely share this signature dish with family and friends to avoid guilt of overeating.

Warm Seafood Salad

An assortment of seafood, including calamari rings, baby octopus, grilled prawns and scallops were piled upon a bed of tossed lettuce leaves, cucumber, tomato, capsicum and Spanish onion. Extra lemon wedges were left on the side to up the citrus notes to your own preference.

Nutritional Notes:  Another protein rich dish from Hurricane's! Although some people may worry about the cholesterol content of seafood, elevated blood cholesterol is mainly due to the excessive consumption of saturated fat, not cholesterol from foods. And the good news is – it's grilled not fried, which makes the dish lower in fat but still high in iodine, zinc and Vitamin B12.  The bed of fresh salad further increases the fibre and nutrient content of the dish. A healthy choice !

Gelatiamo Sorbet

A scoop of sorbet – in several delightful flavours – is probably the ideal way to cleanse the palate after a heavy meal. The lemon sorbet is particularly good, tart but sweet and ultimately refreshing.

Nutritional Notes:  It is always quite difficult to find a healthy dessert as most are high in fat and sugar. This dessert only falls into one of these categories (i.e. maybe high in sugar) which is not that bad. So, enjoy it once a while and preferably, share with someone else. 

Hurricane’s Grill

Locations: Bondi Beach, Top Ryde, Surfers Paradise, Darling Harbour, Brighton Le Sands