Booking at sunset was a magical experience for a group that accompanied 8 seats. It incorporated the sun reflecting off the water in the Harbour, witnessing that million-dollar view of the Bridge and then seeing the elegant ceiling lighting escape the darkness.

The restaurant had proved it had character in this change.

I thought that service was flawless for our group and the staff were extremely knowledgeable and friendly, guiding our choices with the adequate variety on the a la carte menu. I believe the quality, views and atmosphere justify the pricing and I highly recommend a visit for all reading this.

Yummy Times' Recommended Dishes

Seared Scallops
Pearl couscous, calamari, asparagus, cumin brinjal, saffron mayonnaise

This contemporary dish arrived with a perfect golden top and impeccable plating. The scallops were moist and tender, as expected, and married with the other elements on the plate, especially the saffron mayonnaise.

Nutritional Notes:  Seafood is always a great source of lean protein, unsaturated fat (e.g. omega-3), minerals and trace elements, but should be carefully chosen by people suffering gout and/or elevated uric acid. Pearl couscous, as one of the main elements on the plate, is a low GI high fibre carbohydrate which helps to sustain your satiety. Some other nutritious components such as asparagus are also included. So overall, this is a healthy dish to pick from the menu.


Turkish Delight Vacherin
Strawberry salad, marshmallow ice cream
The berries and ice-cream are a classic combination and sat well in the petite glass. Overall, it was a lovely fresh dessert to end the night.

Nutritional Notes:  Beautiful presentation! The strawberry salad has added a bit of fibre and vitamin C into the desert. However, overall nutritional value is pulled back by its high sugar and fat content, so only have it sometimes. A fresh cut fruit salad would be a healthier choice to complete your night.

Dedes on the Wharf
613 Great North Road, Abbotsford NSW 2046
(02) 9712 5503