Ciao Cielo

This Italian restaurant - Ciao Cielo - is highly elegant in their meal aesthetics and preparation.  Although this is the case, a high emphasis has also been placed on the taste of the dish, representing the Italian culture and cuisine.

Located in Bay Street, Port Melbourne, Victoria, this restaurant allows for a centrally located but also hidden fine dining experience with a relatively good price range.  A feeling of Italy is suddenly brought to life when entering the restaurant.  A highlight is also placed on the produce, which emphasises the quality of locally grown Victorian resources.  

Accompanying the delicious food is a wine menu that has resulted in this restaurant being named in ‘Australia’s Wine List of the Year’ Awards in 2013.  Paired together, diners can experience a balanced meal with an array of wine tasting elements.  

The Interior design has been inspired by Art Deco Elements, which elegantly highlights the sophistication and glamour of the 1940’s while also transporting customers into an Italian atmosphere.  

The ownership team Bryan Nelson and Kate Dickens combines wonderfully in supplying customers with a pleasurable dining experience.  Bryan has gained a reputation for strong Italian flavors which can be accounted for by Bryan and Kate’s 18 month Mediterranean trip. Kate also contributes through her experience in starting restaurants overseas and her love for providing efficient and friendly service.

Yummy Times recommends:



An already healthy dish, Ciao Cielo’s Bruschetta incorporates the Yummy Times spirit with an all round healthy dish.  Adding goats cheese allows for 40 fewer calories compared to cheddar cheese as well as the added benefits of the zucchini, raisins, vincotto and baby basil all allowing for a traditional Italian meal. 


This Capretto Dish allows an all round healthy dish for the customer to enjoy. The goat leg is slow cooked to allow for any bad fats to be removed.  The added benefits of eating goat include being low in fat, cholesterol, calories and saturated fat, and high in protein and iron.  As well as this, the roasted tomatoes, olives and touch of chilli, with various herbs and spices allows for a mouth watering and healthy Italian dish overall. 


Ciao Cielo

171 Bay Street, Port Melbourne VIC 3207
Ph:  (03) 9645 1568