China Doll is a modern Asian restaurant, situated along the glamorous Finger Wharf at Woolloomooloo, headed by Chef Frank Shek, born in Scotland to Hong Kong parents. The restaurant is stunningly elegant, with indoor and outdoor seating and a picturesque view of the city skyline.  For the Mid-Autumn Festival, it’ll be the perfect venue for a long leisurely lunch or an intimate dinner where one can fully appreciate alfresco dining in all its glory.

Gazing at the moon is an ancient tradition from the Zhou Dynasty (around 500 BC) when people held ceremonies to welcome the full moon. These ceremonies included huge outdoor feasts of moon cakes, watermelons, apricots, apples, grapes and other fresh fruits. They drank fine wine, watched the moon, and listened to music. Common people who could not afford parties as big as the rich would lay some moon cakes and fruits on a table in the courtyard and pray to the moon for a good harvest. 

Why China Doll for Mid-Autumn Festival?

The menu features dishes from Japan, Hong Kong, China, and across South East Asia, but, don’t expect Asian Fusion. Each dish remains true to its roots with clean and distinguished flavours that are designed to suit both Eastern and Western palates. The Crispy Pork Belly and the Tea-Smoked Duck are ever popular favourites amongst diners.

An A La Carte menu is offered along with a Banquet Menu, which works well for groups. In addition to an extensive wine list, they also offer cocktails. Their Asian inspired cocktails are well worth a try.

With a breathtaking view of the full moon, accompanied by a banquet of beautiful food, China Doll sets you up to enjoy Mid-Autumn Festival the way it should be.

China Doll

Shop 4, 6 Cowper Wharf Road,

Woolloomooloo, NSW 2011

Phone: (02) 9380 6744


Lunch 7 days 12pm-3pm

Dinner 7 days 6pm-10.30pm