Cuisine: Mexican

Sizzle your evening with Californian style Mexican flavours at the extremely popular Baja Cantina enjoyed with lively vibes enhanced by the live musicians. Conveniently located in Glebe, the venue is great with for small groups, dinner dates and they can even accommodate to larger groups in the beer garden. Mix your taste buds with their selection of exciting alcoholic drinks, shaken up with the delightful service and smiles of the waitstaff.

Fry with the flavoursome and crunchy selection of entrees including the Chicken Flautas, Carnitas Taquitos, Beef Taquitos; all dishes relatively spicy but subdued with the complement of guacamole and salsa.

‘Yummy Times’ Recommended Dishes
Braise with the strongly marinated chicken moles, a Mexican classic, served with a complex sauce made of over 20 ingredients even including dark chocolate! Chop into the extremely juicy chicken meat, sourced from Australian produce, and served with freshly baked corn tortillas along with black beans and rice. Continue to saute with the classic and rather belly-heavy enchilladas, stuffed with chicken, pork or beef, and a side of refried beans adding a creamy texture. The rich Mexican flavours from these dishes emphasises more fatty content thus not achieving a high ‘Yummy rating’ but so delicious for my taste buds.

**ratings: 8.7g edibles | 8.8g value | 8.9g service | 8.8g ambience

Nutritional Notes:
Chicken Moles
Chicken is a good supply of protein, vitamins (e.g. B-complex vitamins) and minerals (e.g. phosphorous), which is beneficial for building up muscle and cardiovascular health. The corn tortillas and black beans add extra fibre and essential minerals hence further increase the nutrition values of the dish. However, the drawback is this dish is quite high in calorie and fat (mole sauce, tortillas) and it also contain quite a big carbohydrate portion (tortillas, beans and rice).

This dish contain vitamin A, vitamin C, calcium and iron (if you choose the beef filling) and there is no added sugar. The enchiladas is really a good mixture of tomato sauce and different spices, so full of anti-oxidants. However, the dish could be high in saturated fat and sodium. Although both dishes taste good, regular consumption may contribute to excessive energy intake and possibly weight gain. Therefore, it is advised to enjoy this traditional dishes only occasionally in a small portion. For instance, you can share the dish with someone else and accompany it with some low calorie source such as salad/ vegetables, to help cut down energy and fat intake. And, don’t forget to remove the chicken skin if there is any as saturated fat from poultry skin can increase the low density cholesterol (bad cholesterol) and risk of cardiovascular disease.

Baja Cantina
43 - 45 Glebe Point Rd
Sydney, 2037

Ph:  9571 1199