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Fruits, Vegetables, Herbs, Flowers - Oh My!

Growing your own plants has many benefits, and whether you choose to grow herbs, fruits, vegetables, flowers or shrubs, your contribution is positive - SEEDsational, in fact!

Here are our top reasons for growing your own seasonal garden at home.

  • Support local ecosystems
    When you plant your own garden, especially a flowering one, you encourage bees to visit to pollinate your garden.  This not only benefits the bees and local birds that may visit, but studies show that this may help to improve your overall harvest.

  • Save money and improve your health
    Growing edible plants such as fruits, vegetables and herbs is a great way to save some money and remind yourself to enjoy healthy foods.  There's nothing like a big fruit or vegetable harvest to encourage creativity in the kitchen and provide healthy snacks.

  • Freshen up your home with fresh blooms
    Freshly cut flowers instantly brighten areas of your home, but regularly buying bouquets can get expensive!  Add a fresh, colourful touch with home grown flowers without the price tag.  Plus, the fresher your flowers are, the longer they'll last.

  • Create a beautiful garden
    The most obvious benefit of all is that when you grow your own garden, you can create a space that reflects your favourite colours, fruits and vegetables.  Additionally, a beautifully maintained garden can even add value to your property.

  • Add colour and freshness, even in small spaces
    If you don't have a big garden, don't worry!  Some plants, especially herbs and some flowering plants, don't need a lot of space to grow.  You can easily grow them in your kitchen in small planter boxes or pots - just be sure they get the recommended amount of sunlight each day.


Yummy Times is an official Global Soil Partner!

To kick off the New Year, we have a wonderful announcement to make! As of January 2016, Yummy Times is an Official Partner of the Global Soil Partnership (GSP). Recognising that healthy soils is the very foundation for feeding every population of the world, as well as providing energy and other natural products for living, the GSP was established to unify the world and voice out due recognition for the importance of soil conservation.

Yummy Times is proud to join in the voluntary partnership, which has members from over 200 different countries. We are honoured to be able to contribute for the health of our planet, starting right here in Australia.

This animated film tells the reality of soil resources around the world, covering the issues of degradation, urbanization, land grabbing and overexploitation; the film offers options to make the way we manage our soils more sustainable.


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