Vivo Cafe

Located along one of the most famous streets in Sydney - George Street, Vivo Café is a café with a twist. For one thing, there aren’t many cafés in Sydney that can boast they’re on the radio – none in fact, until Vivo Café became the world’s first to host live broadcasting.

CEO, Angela Vithoulkas, who is both councilor on the City of Sydney Council, as well as the owner and emcee of her radio station, Eagle Waves Radio, is a premier advocate of small business in Australia, and does well in setting such a fabulous example.

The casual dine-in or takeaway restaurant successfully creates a futuristic vibe and pushes the boundaries of innovation with the addition of its own live radio station.

The café is extremely welcoming, with staff greeting you and at your assistance from your first step into the establishment. Smiling and helpful waiters provide wonderful table service, and are more than happy to recommend their favourites from the menu.

Yummy Times Recommends:


Grilled Lamb Burger

Lamb Fillet, Roasted Beetroot, Rocket & Hummus

When we talk about healthy foods, burgers seem to have a bad reputation. However, this may not be true if the burger contains good quality carbohydrates, protein and lots of fresh vegetables.

This grilled lamb burger is a great example, being one of the most popular on the menu – with lean grilled cuts of meat, this dish arrived smelling as great as it looked.

Health-wise, it was a well-balancaed meal, which could be complemented with an extra serving of wedges, if so suited to one’s energy needs. The grilled lamb is a great source of protein, iron and vitamin B12. It is lean cut and cooked in an excellent way as any excess fat could easily be removed. The hummus paste adds extra protein, while the delicately roasted beetroot and the crisp rocket provide extra fibre, Vitamin A and Vitamin C.

Although this dish, unfortunately, is high GI due to the white bread bun, it is still fine to be consumed once in a while. If you are worried about the white bread and beetroot elevating your blood glucose, consider sharing with someone else and order an extra serving of salad or steamed vegetables to balance the meal.

The range of healthy options available, such as vegetarian, gluten-free, salads, lean grilled burgers and gourmet sandwiches, is a major bonus in Yummy Times’ books. All of the meals on the menu include the essential proteins, carbohydrates, fibre, fresh fruits and vegetables for a healthy diet, making them all a conscientious meal choice. 

Vivo Café

388 George Street, Sydney NSW 2000
Ph:  (02) 9221 1169