ume japanese restaurant


Ume is an elegant and fine dining experience hidden away in Surry Hills. The adoring décor of the simple and intimate restaurant sets a classy mood, especially the feature wall that occupied an artistic cherry blossom. This vibe carried on through to the tranquil background music, and was very pleasing the ears.


Kerby Craig, the head chef, maintains a theme of sustainability by using fresh, local and seasonal ingredients. The dishes also have a modern twist to traditional Japanese.

The service is attentive and friendly to everyone’s wants.


Riverina Lamb
Charred soft shoulder, spinach, wasabi, black garlic, grilled negi
The lamb was beautiful, soft, tender and juicy – everything that lamb should be. The meat was flavoured with the strong taste of garlic and wasabi that graced the plate.

Nutritional Notes:  Lamb is a very good source of protein, minerals (e.g. iron, zinc, copper etc.) and vitamins (e.g. Vitamin B12, Vitamin B6, Vitamin A etc.). The dish is balanced with some vegetables, spices and herbs, which further increases the nutritional value, as well as adding some fibre. Unfortunately, however, lamb is high in fat, including 50% saturated fat.

Overconsumption may increase risk of developing cardiovascular disease and other health issues. Lamb is also quite high in purine, a chemical which breaks down to uric acid in our bodies. Therefore, minimizing lamb consumption is recommended for patients who have elevated uric acid level and/or gout.


Strawberry Compote
Caramelised white chocolate, ice-cream powder, matcha pudding, ginger bread, dango
One could not be happier when this dessert arrived. A picture perfect mix of berries, chocolate and ice-cream. This was balanced with the ginger bread.

Nutritional Notes:  The dessert really looks attractive and we cannot say "no" to it. However, do not forget, most of the ingredients are high in sugar and fat. If you have a concern for your weight and/or suffer from particular chronic diseases, try to ask for a better alternative or just have a couple of mouthfuls (special hint:  pick the berries!). 


UME Japanese Restaurant
478 Bourke St, Surry Hills NSW 2010
(02) 9380 7333