Terrazza Italian Restaurant & Pizzeria

From wood-fire pizzas and pastas to antipasto plates, Terrazza Italian Restaurant & Pizzeria in Chatswood offers a mix of modern and traditional Italian food, catering to all tastes and putting a contemporary twist on classics. Ingredients are sourced from premium local suppliers, and seafood is supplied fresh daily.

The restaurant aims to create dishes that fulfil the true essence of Italian cuisine: exceptional taste, beautifully presented in a casual welcoming setting. The fun team loves continuing the tradition of authentic Italian hospitality. Chef Joe Zumbo is best known for his freshly made melt-in-the-mouth gnocchi.

Open for lunch and dinner every day.

Yummy Times Recommends:


Fettuccine Terrazza

To prepare this dish, the chef uses approximately one handful of prawns, two cups of vegetables (including delicious oven-roasted pumpkin), one cup of fettuccine, and small quantities of stock and healthy oil. Therefore, the dish is high in protein, fibre, and antioxidants, and moderate in carbohydrates and fat. Although prawns contain cholesterol, the elevated cholesterol in our bodies is a result of excessive saturated fat intake - not the consumption of cholesterol. Therefore, having a few prawns sometimes is not going to do any harm to your health. Unlike many other Italian fettuccine meals, this dish contains no cream, therefore celebrating fresh and healthy flavours. Since the nut-free dish is in line with the Australian recommended meal plate portion guideline, it receives five Yummy Stars.

Calamari Pizzaiola

It is common to see deep-fried calamari on menus, but is this the only method to cook calamari? No! There are much healthier ways to prepare calamari – and this dish is a good example. By including lots of vegetables and spices in the recipe, the dish is high in protein, fibre, vitamin C and other antioxidants. The (optional) two slices of bread served with the hotpot provide a moderate portion of carbohydrates to the meal. However, the serving size of the calamari is a bit bigger than the recommendation. Since calamari contains cholesterol, a bigger serve may not be suitable for people who are concerned about their heart health. Therefore, Yummy Times Group has given 4.5 stars to this dish.

Terrazza Italian Restaurant & Pizzeria
409 Victoria Ave, Chatswood NSW 2067
Ph: (02) 9419 5304