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SEEDsational schools in the North Shore

Yummie has been visiting local schools with books and healthy snacks for kids. We have a lot of schools on our radar, so look out for Yummie in your neighbourhood!



The Anchorage certainly looks the part with its impressive ceiling and nautical interior theme. The menu is overflowing with seafood, and is arguably the best in Melbourne. It is well known that wine and seafood is an undisputable match. The Anchorage offers the full package by recommending every dish with hand chosen wines!

The food is fabulous and the service is attentive exceeding expectations. No matter how you get to the restaurant – whether by undertaking the 1km walk from the pier, or arriving by car, dining here is worth every drop of sweat or petrol!

So, with New Year’s Eve just round the corner, there is no better place to celebrate than at Anchorage Restaurant. No matter the occasion, the seafood dining experience here is sure to be a celebration of its own!



Yummy Times surprised Sydneysiders and visitors alike when their flash mob began on the iconic foreshore of Sydney Harbour. In the hopes of spreading the seeds of their seasonal message and education about healthy, balanced meal & lifestyle choices, Yummy Times and some of the leading students from Dance @ Nikki Webster performed the ‘Move Seasonably’ dance in Circular Quay. The song, ‘Move Seasonably’, was written and recorded as a part of the ‘Be SEEDsational’ campaign, a Yummy Times initiative which advocates sustainability and the continuing movement towards healthy living for both the young and old, as well as addressing social issues relevant in Australia and across the globe. The company mascot, Yummie, was also part of the flash mob, making a very memorable performance for everyone.

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Yummy Times Global Soil Partnership Update

Yummy Times takes great pride in their part in the Global Soil Partnership, recognising the importance of healthy soil and Sustainable Soil Management in order to maintain the health of our planet and the quality of our produce.

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The Bathers’ Pavilion & Chef Serge Dansereau

The chef’s hatted Bathers’ Pavilion redefines the terms ‘café’ and ‘restaurant’. Owned by head chef, Serge Dansereau, one of Australia’s best chefs with over six cookbooks under his belt, this Sydney dining institution is situated right on the beach with perfect, sprawling views of the waterline. The setting is so spectacular it can distract you from the food. Click here to read more!

Yummy Times Introduces LOW GI RECIPES



We all know that it's important to have an active lifestyle, with benefits going beyond the physical. As this SMH article suggests, exercise can be a cure for depression, anxiety and other mental issues. 

Yummy Times acknowledges all forms of movement as a great way to have a balanced lifestyle. Last Friday, 13 May 2016, Yummy Times attended The Rugby Club Sydney's event, with the Australian Women's Sevens players as special guests.

Yummy Times is in full support of the team, and wish them every success as they prepare for the Rio Olympic Games!

The NSW Government has acknowledged Yummy Times' efforts in fighting obesity in Australia! 

Yummy Times is an passionate contributor on the lookout for a more balanced eating habits and lifestyle. We are sharing our research and integrated approach to both food and non-food providers, to target obesity prevention and encourage businesses and the general public to modify potential lifestyle risk factors.

It is Yummy Times' goal to commend those doing the right thing.

Catching you doing well for healthy choices!

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We are now proud supporters of OzHarvest!

Yummy Times visited Vietnam! The country has so much fresh produce available, it is easy to find ways for a balanced lifestyle.



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