Our Story

Yummy Times Group is an innovative, multi-faceted organisation with 25 years of experience that works to provide a proactive contribution to research and the health of Australians. Our modern take on ancient philosophies integrates the concept of seasonal and balanced eating for a healthy lifestyle, whilst utilising the latest technology and communication strategies.

In every facet of our work, health and balanced lifestyles remain the cornerstone of our mission, both in education and entertainment. Our focus areas are relevant and important in Australia, and across the globe, to create a healthier future for all ages encouraging sustainability, supporting local businesses, the agriculture sector, and promoting economic efficiency.

Eat & Live Seasonably

Yummy Times Group has developed a number of exciting new concepts and ventures in the areas of education, events, technology, entertainment and business development with schools, communities, shopping centres, restaurants and the dining industry. The restaurant and dining industry have joined these initiatives, actively providing dishes to be assessed under the Yummy Stars™ Advocate System (YS Advocate System) to exhibit their healthy choices. The YS Advocate System is a multi-channel system focusing on five specific criteria; sustainability, dietary intake, locally sourced fresh ingredients, balance and health. This platform seeks third-party verification from industry professionals and reputable sources, namely Accredited Practicing Dietitians and Nutritionists following the Australian Dietary Guidelines released by NHMRC (National Health and Medical Research Council).

In fact, renowned Head Chef, Serge Dansereau of ‘The Bathers’ Pavilion’, became an ambassador of the Yummy Stars™ Advocate System , which aligns with his own food philosophy of creating a unique and memorable dining experience bursting with locally grown seasonal produce.

With an extensive range of resources, expertise, valuable consumer research, and publications, Yummy Times Group is well positioned and committed to spreading the seeds of our healthy message to steer the community towards a more nourishing, balanced and sustainable lifestyle.


Encourage and facilitate businesses across a range of industries to address both local health outcomes for all Australians, and global issues, such as food availability and food wastage.

Our Brands

Yummy Taste

Yummy Taste endorses dishes, restaurants, cafés, food courts, businesses and organisations that feature or promote food with a seasonal direction.

Working to educate all age groups, Yummy Taste offers educational resources in the form of the Yummy Stars Advocate System , which assesses out-of-home dining options against five specific criteria – sustainability practices, dietary intake, locally sourced fresh ingredients, balance of nutrients, and health. This platform provides a user-friendly and accessible way to explore healthy dining options, which have been verified by third-party industry professionals and reputable sources, namely Accredited Practising Dietitians and Nutritionists following the Australian Dietary Guidelines released by NHMRC (National Health and Medical Research Council).

Be SEEDsational 

Be SEEDsational is a world-first healthy lifestyle campaign that encourages people of all ages and demographics to eat and live according to the seasons for a more nourishing, sustainable and active lifestyle.

To inspire, educate and entertain the community, a range of resources and experiences have been developed to bring the Be SEEDsational campaign to life, ensuring that people are actively engaged in their healthy living journey.  These include books, educational tools for schools, songs and dance performances, and seed cards that are shared throughout events at shopping centres and within the wider community.

The Be SEEDsational campaign also plays a role in fundraising for charity organisations such as The Children’s Hospital at Westmead.


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