Lok Lok Dumpling Bar's fresh, wholesome Asian cuisine is the essence of their menu. Dating back to the first Lok Lok restaurant in 2010 in Melbourne, Australia, they introduced their signature dumplings and rapidly expanded as a leader in the quick service restaurant.

The menu is based on fresh ingredients featured in a variety of Asian dishes including their signature dumplings & wontons, dim sum, noodles and other varieties of Asian flavourful cuisine. Starting with premium quality ingredients, Lok Lok uses real meat, fresh produce, and real spices and sauces for authentic flavours.

To achieve the vision of spreading the passion for dumplings and good food, the first Lok Lok franchise opened in Darling Harbour in 2015. With different models such as Lok Lok Express or the traditional food court seating option, Lok Lok offers a casual dining experience combining quick service and healthier meals, and is leading the consumer trend of Asian food and dumpling bars in Australia.