Little Italy

Little Italy located in Allawah and Cronulla provides an ambiance of authentic Italian cuisine and culture. Although pricing of their pizza and pasta can be compared to the average fare of competitors, one’s taste buds wouldn’t be able to find equal, if not more satisfaction from the other offerings on the menu. An addition of extremely attentive and friendly service allows for a happy and all round enjoyable experience while dining in.

Yummy Times is aiming to locate wholesome and delicious food that follows the concept of seasonal and balanced eating for a healthy lifestyle. In saying this, Little Italy has presented a variety of healthy dishes including Bruchetta, Filetto Little Italy, Mare e Monte and other authentic Italian dishes that clearly indicate it’s initiative towards the same healthy living goal.

With this variety of healthy and mouth-watering meals, Little Italy strives towards a more diverse and appetising approach to the healthy eating lifestyle.  

This restaurant also reuses available by-products from other dishes allowing for waste reduction to beneficially assist in the conservation of Australian and Italian resources. As well as this, an initiative of sustainable living can be seen through their procedures of energy efficient lighting as well as natural ventilation for air conditioning or using their oven to heat the restaurant.

Overall using the encouragement rating system, Yummy Times has awarded Little Italy four out of five stars in there strive towards a balanced and healthy lifestyle in the Sydney region as well as their attempts to assist in environmental sustainability. 

Yummy Times Recommends:


Fresh Chargrilled Prawns & Calamari Mista

This dish provides 6 Prawns, a handful of Calamari, olive oil, lemon and parsley served with a handful of rocky salad. The seafood on this dish tasted as fresh as it looked and was chargrilled to perfection allowing for a refreshing and mouthwatering experience. Although it was lightly seasoned, both the prawns and squid had a beautiful texture that complemented each other while also being beneficial to the customer.

Nutritionally, this was a well-balanced entrée containing good quality protein from the seafood and necessary fibre from the salad, as well as some micronutrients including vitamin C, zinc etc. Just a little bit of olive oil spray is used in cooking, which is considered as a low fat cooking method. In addition, the drizzle of fresh lemon juice also helps lower the GI of the whole meal, especially if there is any high GI carbohydrate included.

Little Italy

440-442 Railway Parade, Allawah NSW 2218
Phone: (02) 9587 3270