Kishi’s is an excellent example of how Japanese should be prepared and cooked.  Although this is a small, well-kept secret in the Perth Region, Kishi is quickly gaining a name for exceptional traditional cuisine that pleases even the fussiest eater.  A growth in Japanese restaurants has resulted in increased competition but customers keep coming back, claiming this is the best Japanese that they have ever tasted.

The general ambiance of the restaurant is set to transport diners to the very heart of Japan and experience the genuine flavours that one can expect in the country.  Booking is highly recommended at Kishi Japanese Dining to ensure a table is secured in this small and cozy restaurant.

Despite the constantly high number of customers, service is nonetheless exceptional and allows for a worthwhile and personal experience for each customer.

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For those looking for a more all round meal, the Mixed Sashimi Plate allows for Fresh Salmon, Tuna and seasonal raw fish to be served with a generous salad.  This meal allows customers to gain a generous amount of food for a low price with a variety of different seafood options, resulting in this being a highly popular dish.  This Sashimi dish allows essential health components to be accounted for such as protein, omega 3 and vitamin D that also complement the antioxidants, fibre and vitamin C that can be gained from eating salad.

Chicken Yaki Soba

This stir-fried noodle dish allows for the incorporation of both chicken and vegetables to represent the Japanese culture.  The inclusion of these Japanese vegetables allows for a seasonal and healthy addition to the menu, contributing towards a balanced lifestyle.  As well as this, the Japanese sauce doesn’t hinder the healthiness of the meal with added flavor and authenticity.



3 Haynes Street, Kalamunda, Perth WA 6078
Ph:  (08) 9293 0001