fratelli paradiso

I had heard a lot about the genuine Italian cuisine served at Fratelli Paradiso, so when I was in Potts Point I knew it would be my choice of dine in that night, but be sure to put a reservation down! 

The small restaurant has a warm and inviting air with tables full of happy and chatting diners. I was really pleased with the friendly service as well who are well equipped for the rush of customers.

Yummy Times' Recommended Dishes

Calamari San’t Andrea

Squid fried, rocket, balsamic

My first introduction to the food was a pleasant start. The hot squid was seasoned well and I heard the crispy crunch as I bit into its fried goodness. The rocket dressed with balsamic was agreeable and aligned its freshness with the seafood.


Panna Cotta

It was love at first sight. Presentation was impeccable and I was excited to dip my spoon into the creamy pot that sat in front of me in its delicate and trembling form. Swirling the sauce through the both light and rich dessert, the silkiness met my mouth and the coolness slid down my throat. 

Fratelli Paradiso

Location: 12 – 16 Challis Ave, Potts Point, NSW 2011