Anne Roze

Managing Director of Good Business Sense
Founder of Yummy Times Group

Managing Director of Good Business Sense and Founder of Yummy Times Group, Anne Roze is  an innovative entrepreneur with a practical, collaborative, no-nonsense approach to getting things done!

With interests in chemistry, technology, art, and food production, Anne focuses her attention on qualitative research within these sectors. Combined with her knowledge of, and passion for quantitative research within a variety of FMCG brands – including Sanitarium, Kellogg’s, Arnott’s, Goodman Fielder, Unilever Foods, Nestlé Australia, Novartis Nutrition Australia, Uncle Toby’s, Kraft, Pauls, Byvan Management, Pepsi, Harris Farm Markets, Woolworths, Westfield, and other major supermarkets in Australia – she became a founding member of the Australian chapter of the International Qualitative Research Association, headquartered in the US, which gave her the opportunity to speak at many local and international conferences.

Anne’s passion has led her to successfully create Yummy Times Group. With a mission of “Eat and live seasonably”, Yummy Times Group and its initiatives  aim to make a difference to society, improving the lives, health, well-being and nutrition of everyone regardless of age. She founded the Be SEEDsational campaign, which is designed to help people from all walks of life get involved in the health movement, and organises many public community events and multilingual library workshops for kids. A big part of this campaign is the ‘Seasonal Warriors’ book series, which is a multilingual publication aiming to provide accessible education to children and families about the benefits of healthier eating and eating food that is in season. Through these channels, Anne is hoping to act on her research into the food industry and motivate people to become healthier and happier. Yummy Times Group also encourages and facilitates businesses across a range of industries, to address both local health outcomes for Australians, and global issues such as food availability, sustainability, and food wastage.

In addition to Yummy Times Group, Anne assesses, trains and mentors businesses large and small, supporting their growth and helping them make success of new and innovative business concepts. With more than 26 years of business experience, particularly in engineering, market research, marketing, brand management and business development, Anne finds mentoring to be very rewarding. She enjoys empowering others and watching both individuals and businesses flourish.

Via Yummy Times Group and its brands, Anne wants to encourage exciting and engaging collaborations with other businesses so consumers can make better health and lifestyle choices to enjoy a longer, more active life. Anne’s commitment to contributing to society drives Yummy Times Group’s involvement with charities and community work. They visit schools, donate to charities, including The Children’s Hospital at Westmead, sponsor shopping centre activities and support a range of cultural events.

Prior to starting her own businesses, Anne spent 10 years in the utility industry where she was instrumental in the early adoption of system training for the management of communication channels, maintenance, and project management environments. 


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