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Healthy Living through Dance, SONGS & Education

Yummy Times Group collaborates with shopping centres, retailers, communities and talents to produce many different exciting events and performances.  Educational and encouraging messages promoting healthy living and balanced lifestyles are the main focus, while winning prizes and special appearances from Yummie, the team mascot, make learning about seasonal eating habits memorable and fun for all age groups.

Meet Us in Sustainability Lane

Yummy Times Group is excited to announce that we will be at this year’s ‘Sustainability Lane’ at the Lane Cove Village Fair. Thousands of people attend this event and are entertained by live music, kids rides, awesome food, and a variety of stalls. At the Yummy Times Group stall (which will be located next to ‘Rescue Greyhounds’ and opposite ‘Food Faith’), you can enjoy our healthy home-style biscuits, you’ll have the chance to win a copy of our interactive ‘Seasonal Warriors: Discover the Magic’ graphic novel , you’ll receive a discount-voucher for a visit to naturopath, Anna Guz, and your kids can play fun games with our friendly mascot, Yummie! So be sure to visit us on Sunday 8 October, outside the Post Office on Burns Bay Road, anytime between 9am and 4pm.

Bringing the magic of 'Be SEEDsational' to kids all around Australia!

Yummy Times Group is working with pre-school and primary school-aged children to build important life skills with fantastic interactive workshops.

These workshops have been designed to engage and motivate participants, complementing the Early Years Learning Framework for Australia and the Framework for School Age Care in Australia. Featuring our mascot, Yummie, dancing, sing-alongs, and hands-on, real-world activities, the 'Be SEEDsational Experience' gives kids early exposure and involvement in seasonal and balanced lifestyles, helping them to develop skills and knowledge about food, nutrition, movement, emotional wellbeing and sustainability.


Join our Kids fun nutrition workshops 

Eat and live seasonably! Yummy Times Group makes a difference in society through education by improving the lives, health, education, wellbeing and nutrition of everyone regardless of age. Yummy Times Group also encourages and facilitates educational fun workshops, Be SEEDsational campaigns based on it’s own publication “Seasonal Warriors: Discover the Magic” children’s graphical novel and businesses across a range of industries, to address both local health outcomes for Australians, and global issues such as obesity, food availability, sustainability, and food wastage.

Join our Be SEEDSATIONAL Campaign 

Meet our Be  SEEDsational winners!

Congratulations to our participating schools and  major winners in our most recent competition! More and more schools are becoming SEEDsational and winning awesome prizes, including copies of our ‘Seasonal Warriors: Discover the Magic’ book and its specially-designed corresponding teacher's resources, and massive Dymocks vouchers to top up their library collection..If you want your school to be SEEDsational, keep an eye out for our next local event! 

Another Great Day in the Hills District!

Yummy Times Group hosted a fantastic food sampling event in North Rocks Shopping Centre!  Using fresh produce from the local retailers, our team showed customers how to make simple and delicious dishes at home, provided healthy recipes and activities for kids, and offered a chance to taste some great dishes using the ingredients that surrounded them.

Yummie made sure that no one missed out on an opportunity for a photo or a fresh snack, bringing kids and adults alike to the fresh food area.

Thank you to the fresh food retailers for providing us with fantastic, fresh ingredients to share with the locals!


Yummy Times has received the most rewarding reception from the team at Australian Radio Network. Everyone enjoyed Yummie's carrots, and singing and dancing to our new dance song, 'Move Seasonably'!  
More to come...

Yummy Fortune in The Hills District

Yummy Fortune provided engaging and fulfilling events for participating retailers and consumers.  Everyone was a winner, taking home prizes and deals from the retailers in their local community, as well as copies of the 'Seasonal Warriors' book and our Yummy Times aprons & hat sets for kids.

The Wheel of Yummy Fortune was a hit with young and old, as we spread the seeds of our healthy message - eat & live seasonably!



A warm Spring day welcomed the Yummy Times team to this event allowing the team to meet the wonderful community and council from this suburb. The Yummy Times team performed their new song,  ‘Move Seasonably’ which is all about encouraging children and families to move seasonably to keep their body and mind healthy, providing an entertaining choreographed dance with Yummy Times' mascot, Yummie.  As well as this, Yummie was able to get a couple of ‘selfies’ with the children and some adults to brighten their day even more.  




Wheel of Yummy Fortune Events 

The ‘Yummy Fortune’ Wheel was one of the key highlights of the day with every customer able to win a free discounted offer from participating businesses. Local businesses contributed towards the ‘Yummy Fortune’ Wheel with food donations from Jimmy’s Chicken, Bakers Delight, Natural Fresh Grocer and Hook, Line and Sinker, and additional healthy recipes provided by Yummy Times. The recipes focus on the belief of the Yummy Times concept  that everyone should aim towards a balanced lifestyle, allowing for a tasty and healthy meal for young and old.

"Thank you, Yummy Times!"

  • Adam Yehin  
  • Meey Paly  
  • K. Bott  
  • Carmel Clerk  
  • David Cheong  
  • Jenny Liang  
  • Carol Elazzi  
  • Linda Semaan  
  • Adam Lane  
  • Kai Lai  
  • G. Papadopsuloo  
  • Sam Moscovitz  
  • Sherrill Nichson  
  • Nicole Cuweco  
  • Rachelle Yu  
  • Grace Leva  
  • Kiah Nguen  
  • Josh Mackenzie  
  • Winnie Guo  
  • Nancy Chow  
  • Suhuaya Prabhu  
  • Linda Lin  
  • Amie Safi  
  • Marsette Cassar  
  • Kim Martin  
  • Anuel P.  
  • Melinda Bator  
  • Kate Wah Day  
  • Melissa Dannaoui  
  • Xuam Bui  
  • Mauretta Hious  
  • H. Labrakis  
  • R. Maxwell  
  • M. Liang  
  • S. Hong  
  • Therese Suklav  
  • Amelia Clark  
  • J. Ranford  
  • G. Parrelli  
  • Elena Wilson  
  • Osman-Brad Kayani  
  • Tristan Stansfield  
  • Diana Cocks  
  • Jenny To  
  • Per Ju Go  
  • Rene Melfi-Jansen  
  • Umit Talarico  
  • Anna Mdjiglio  
  • Cass Macaulay  
  • Sarah Azzam  
  • Le Quach  
  • Esperanza Khav  
  • Leslie Meredith  
  • Chris Domanis  
  • Tamara Gonzales  
  • Manzy G.  
  • Rosyln Khoury  
  • Lynette Goldsmith  
  • Agatha D'Allura  
  • Kim Ng  
  • Winnie Chan  
  • Chanice Bhu  
  • Georgina Aehr  
  • Alison O'Grady  
  • Nancy Hanna  
  • Sola Sogace  
  • Emma Medevios  
  • Leilani Relon  
  • Sally Nouri  
  • Jagger Tran  
  • Bec George  
  • Connie Prasad  
  • Bianca V.  
  • Loreen Keaghan  
  • Stephanie Tran  
  • Marleen Hana  
  • Rulzd Moline  
  • Antonella Andreassi  
  • Jessie Zhang  
  • Anthony S.  
  • Paulette Khoury  
  • Katherine Georgiou  


Yummy Times and Westfield Burwood collaborated to produce an exciting event where there were numerous prize giveaways and a special appearance by Yummie, the team mascot.

Everyone had the chance to spin on the Wheel of Yummy Fortune, which will won every participant a special limited-time offer to use at Westfield’s Fresh Food retailers. There were also giveaways of Yummy Times’ delicious and simple recipe cards which every tastebud is sure to love.



Yummy times at sydney royal easter show 2016


The annual Royal Easter Show held at Sydney Showground is always a highlight of the year, ever since the first show in 1823. A prestigious event that brings together agricultural themes, rural country vibes, and loads of amusement park fun, this two week long affair is always highly anticipated by everyone old and young.

This year, Yummy Times was honoured to be a part of this grand event, and was a special part of the Preview for Primary Schools on Wednesday 16 March 2016. Our adorable team mascot Yummie was delighted to meet the 700 primary school students that were lucky enough to get entry into the limited event. The students, teachers, and volunteers were all cheerfully greeted by Yummie and the team, and were even invited to sing-a-long to the ‘Be SEEDsational: It’s Your Time’ with the mascot! The school children readily took up the challenge, and sang an admirable performance to their peers.


With a small stand for our book presentation, students were also given the opportunity to enter our ‘Win-a-Book’ competition. Yummy Times’ newly published book, titled “Seasonal Warriors: Discover the Magic” is aimed to be an entertaining, yet educational tool to help growing children lead healthy lifestyles. It is the first volume in the 'Seasonal Warriors' series, a compelling tale of magical discoveries revolving around educational themes of sustainability, healthy eating and self-identity.

As part of the event, the students took part in hands-on activities and numerous exhibits to learn about various aspects of farming and food production, to support and raise awareness for healthy lifestyles and fresh produce. With such a beautiful and educational message, Yummy Times couldn’t be a prouder contributor of the Sydney Royal Easter Show 2016. Yummy Times is proud to be a part of this exciting event together with the following exhibitors including Woolworths, Nestle Healthy Active Kids, AIS, Sydney Water and Ozharvest.

Be on a look out for more updates and details of the Easter Show 2016.


Chocolate Making Workshop

Chocolate is a delicious snack and when eaten in moderation, is a perfect way to treat yourself!

Dark chocolate is a great, healthier alternative to sugary milk chocolate, and it even contains some beneficial antioxidants.

Fruit such as strawberries and cherries are perfect for coating with a little bit of chocolate as a yummy treat for a special occasion.


Yummy Times Visits TasmaNia!

Yummy Times recently visited Tasmania to explore some of the fantastic local blueberry farms, organic markets, beautiful gardens, and organic vineyards. The local produce was fresh and delicious!

It is always a great option to visit your local farmer's markets to support local farmers and your community. The produce is not only fresher, but buying produce this way can help to reduce wastage and the environmental impact of transporting the produce from the farm to the supermarket.



Upcoming events at your local shopping centres and libraries


Yummy Times celebrating Lunar New Year 2016 at Rhodes Foreshore Park

Yummy Times made a special weekend visit in celebration of the Lunar New Year at Rhodes Foreshore Park on Saturday 13 February 2016. Our adorable team mascot Yummie was delighted to meet the crowd that had gathered for the Cinema in the Park – especially performing the ‘Be SEEDsational: It’s Your Time’ song all the children!

As part of the event, Yummy Times also paid a visit to the Rhodes Community Garden (RCG) team to support and raise awareness for healthy soils and fresh produce. Established by a group of local residents, the RCG is a fantastic initiative that Yummy Times is proud to promote.



                                                                                                                                  International Year of Soil Event  

2ue's christmas appeal radiothon at the children's hospital at westmead

Yummy Times was a proud supporter of 2UE's Christmas Appeal Radiothon at the Children's Hospital at Westmead on Friday 6 November 2015. Team mascot Yummie had a great time meeting everyone - especially all the children!

It was an amazing experience for all, with over $1.5M raised to help sick children. We would like to thank the wonderful work of everyone involved, for making the event such a memorable and meaningful success.

Head over to our Facebook page to see all the photos!

Click to see our 'Thank You' Letter from the Hospital!

Be SEEDsational interactive kids workshop

Yummy Times once again brought kids’ imagination into a whole new level at the Be SEEDsational Interactive Kids Workshop at Ariel Booksellers. On 25 October 2015, Yummy Times hosted this fun event to kick off their ‘Be SEEDsational’ book series. Kids were invited to participate in inspiring activities, meet health professionals, learn about food and nutrition, and event meet Yummie. With free snacks and refreshments available, everyone was in for a fun day out!

Yummy Times are proud to offer their book, Be SEEDsational: Discover the Magic, which was officially released on 20 August 2015. The book is available for sale online at In more exciting news, the Chinese translated version of the book will be released soon! Keep an eye out for Yummy Times’ updates.


Yummy Times made a special weekend visit to St Thomas Catholic Primary School last Saturday 24 October 2015. Students at the school were delighted to meet the adorable team mascot Yummie.

It was an amazing experience for all, with the event rounding out with a stage performance of Yummy Time’s newest song, ‘Be SEEDsational, It’s Your Time’. Yummy Times participated as part of the school’s Art & Craft Show, and were there to share the educational message of promoting balanced diets and lifestyles to students.

Yummie Visits Clean Up Australia

Yummie Visits NSW Farmers Association



Canada Bay,  Sydney,
Saturday26 September 2015

YUMMY TIMES @ Trade Show

Fine Food Australia ,  Sydney , September 2015

Yummy Times in Sydney

Yummy Times in Paddy's Market, Sydney

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