Food waste is becoming an increasing problem – not only to our country, but to us as global citizens.

Did you know that an estimated 20-40% of fruit and vegetables are rejected even before they reach the shops mostly because they don’t meet the high expectations of consumers and supermarkets. And these are only due to cosmetic reasons! Figures from an advocacy group Do Something! highlight that of the $8 billion Australians throw out in annual food waste, fresh food makes up 33%.

Our planet can no longer sustain our wasting practices. A 2014 National Geographic article reveals that the major threat endangering our planet’s future is not pollution from cars or smokestacks, but rather our need for food. Agriculture and farming brings unimaginable damage to our environment through methane pollution from livestock, deforestation and fertiliser run-offs. To make things worse, there’s even mounting pressure to produce more food as the world’s population grows at an ever increasing rate! According to the Food Waste Avoidance Benchmark Study 2009, the average household throws out $1036 worth of food per year. This is enough to feed the average household for a month. Throwing out edible food extends beyond wasting the food itself, we are also wasting the water, energy and natural resources used to grow, package and transport that food.

Yummy Times is embarking on a journey to reduce food wastage. By embracing healthy eating based around seasonality, we can ensure our food is at peak flavours and nutrition, and has travelled a shorter distance to reach our plates. We commit to saving our planet’s precious resources and encourage cafeterias, restaurants, and supermarkets to do the same by developing waste-reducing measures.

The Value of Soil : Produced by The Economics of Land Degragation (ELD)



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