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The 'Be SEEDsational' campaign, advocates sustainability and the continuing movement towards healthier living by encouraging the younger generation to grow their own herbs, fruits and vegetables, while teaching us all to respect others who are already doing this. Armed with the knowledge of health and wellbeing, you are the seeds of change.

Yummy Times Group implements the ‘Be SEEDsational’ campaign to allow people of all ages to share their enthusiasm with friends, as well as sharing offers and knowledge amongst their communities. The company mascot, Yummie, constantly shares images and videos that highlight locations, activities, health and positivity, in special event participants and the community as a whole.

You can be 'SEEDsational' by addressing social issues. Yummy Times Group aims to show that every single person, regardless of age and background, has the power to create change in their lives. 

Join us on our quest for a flavourful and balanced lifestyle!

We are passionate about providing information on food’s health benefits, and through our publications, Yummy Times Group shows that nutritious food can still be adventurous, interesting and delicious. 

Yummy Times Group's Founder, Anne Roze, recently met with Dion Woo, Vice President of the NSW Chapter of the Hong Kong Australia Business Association, who reached out to discuss all the things SEEDsational. 

Dion Woo was very impressed to learn that the Be SEEDsational campaign and publication is targeting Chinese-speaking communities as well as English-speaking ones. As Anne says, health does not discriminate - and, clearly, neither does Be SEEDsational! 

In this video, Anne discusses what "Be SEEDsational" means, and shares some insights into her own inspiration and motivation.

‘Seasonal Warriors: Discover the Magic’ is a compelling tale of magical discoveries, revolving around educational themes of healthy eating, self-identity, discovery and change.

As a fusion of manga and highly illustrated styles, ‘Seasonal Warriors: Discover the Magic' is interactive, educational and universal in appeal. The story creates a fun and interactive base for families and children to be actively involved in learning whilst building and strengthening relationship ties.

Yummy Tractors is a short moral story focused on values, attitudes, and change. 

Yummy Tractors was published by Yummy Times Group as an eBook which is available now!

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Special Collection of greeting CARDS

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