This is no ordinary cafe. Located in Balmoral Beach, it is part of the chef’s hatted Bathers’ Pavilion Restaurant – a Sydney dining institution owned by Head Chef Serge Dansereau, one of Australia’s best with over six cookbooks under his belt. Situated right on the beach, with perfect, sprawling views of the waterline, the setting is so spectacular it can distract you from the food. Chef Dansereau has encouraged a greater knowledge of what we can produce here in Australia, and worked hard to get it from paddock to plate. He still harbours a dream to establish more fruit and vegetable markets.  

On one side, the fine dining restaurant menu emphasises fresh produce grown by small producers. It’s priced as you’d expect for an established chef’s hatted restaurant by the water. On the other side, the cafe is casual and affordable. It clearly draws a little inspiration and culinary magic from its sister restaurant. The high ceilings and large glass windows combined with a mixture of table formats, colourful napkins and ocean inspired artworks create a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere. The menu is Mediterranean and especially appealing to lovers of Italian and French cuisine.

Enjoying a Sunday brunch here is more than an indulgence in the little private room off from the main busy cafe floor – perfect for that heart-to-heart chat.

The café is also doing its part in looking after the environment, offering 50 cents off for anyone who brings in a reusable coffee cup. The Bathers’ Pavilion Cafe is a place you have to visit at least once in your lifetime. As for being a ‘cafe’ the prices are certainly more than what you might normally pay, but this is not your typical café. There’s the priceless view, the heritage-listed building and the renowned chef all to be considered.  

The café is open all day, every day, for breakfast, lunch and dinner or something in-between, complete with an open fireplace for those colder nights.

Yummy Times Recommends:


Riesling Cured Salmon

This dish from the lunch menu is well balanced with approximately a palm-size of salmon, two cups of vegetables and a small quantity of wheat – delicious with green wheat tabbouleh and a green tahini dressing. Rich in protein, omega-3 (a healthy fat that is good for the heart), fibre and other antioxidants, the nut-free dish provides a variety of nutrients. Only a little salt and white wine are used to cure the salmon, which doesn't the dish overly high in sodium. If you’d like to increase your fish and omega-3 consumption, this meal is a smart choice! This dish is awarded five Yummy Stars.

Traditional Fish Soup

This soup from the lunch menu smells and tastes amazing! Fish is always the best source of omega-3 - a healthy fat that is good for our hearts. The dish also includes other seafood, vegetables and herbs, to provide a variety of different nutrients. The portion of vegetables is a bit smaller than the recommended intake and the focaccia bread the soup is served with is white bread with a high glycaemic index (meaning it doesn't keep you feeling full). To increase your vegetable intake at this meal, we'd suggest ordering a side of vegetables or salad and, for extra nutritional value, either ask for no bread or a lower-GI choice such as sourdough. Therefore, this dish is awarded 4.5 Yummy Stars.

Yummy Times Recommends:


Meredith Goat’s Cheese Tart with Heirloom Tomatoes, Roast Shallots and Basil

This dish provides us with some essential nutrients, such as calcium from goat’s cheese, vitamin C, fibre and other antioxidants from its vegetable ingredients.  However, the major ingredient – goat cheese could be very high in calories, especially if it is hard cheese which tends to be higher in fat content than soft cheeses. In addition, the short crust pastry can also be a high source of energy. Hence, it is recommended to stick to smaller serving portions, and to balance out the meal with low-energy low-fat accompaniments such as extra fresh salad or vegetables.

Yummy Times Recommends:


Rocket and Parmesan Salad with Balsamic Vinaigrette and Shaved Pear with Bresaola ($17)

It is heads and shoulders above other rocket and parmesan salads. Why? The rocket is possibly the freshest in Australia, and the parmesan is beautifully grated and sliced. Try it as a side dish.

Peppered Beef Fillet Mignons with French Style Peas and Potato Gratin ($34)

The beautifully cooked beef pieces are delicately thin, mouth-wateringly tender and served with a tower of potato gratin on a splay of peas. The consistency of the elements, as well as the accompanying just reduction is perfection at its best. This dish is so loved by customers alike, that complaints flooded in when it was removed from the menu. Now here to stay, this signature dish is a must-order for Father’s Day!

The Bather’s Pavilion Café
4 The Esplanade, Mosman NSW 2088
Ph: (02) 9969 5050